MFT offers a variety of publicity and media packages to promote its sponsors and partners :

  • logo and link on our website
  • logo and link included in our e-bulletin and mailing campaigns (6000+ subscribers)
  • logo and advertisements on our surtitle slides at productions
  • logo on posters and programmes
  • corporate stands + banners on display at theatre foyers/venues
  • advertising and multimedia and
  • much more in combinations of the above

Download our latest MFT Presentation pack for more information

Download our latest Corporate sponsorship pack for more information

Why we need you

French theatre in Australia is a specialty service which cannot function to an acceptable standard without private and public sponsorship, grants and partnerships.

MFT needs your support and offers fully tax deductible donations for contributions in cash, goods or services for:

  • Charitable trusts
  • Companies and Businesses
  • Individuals.