Run for your wife

May 6, 2008

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Adapted by Stewart Vaughan and Jean-Christophe Barc

Run for your wife

[Stationnement alterné]

by Ray Cooney

Director Stig Wemyss

Producer Michael Bula

The production

Jean Martin, a French taxi driver, is happily married to Mathilde and, at the same time, happily married to Charlotte and gets away with it, with homes in different arrondissements of Paris, because of his irregular working schedule. He rooms with Mathilde in the mornings and beds Charlotte in the evenings. Only a tight schedule enables him to maintain his double life and keep his bigamy a secret. Unfortunately, his careful plan is disrupted when, as a good Samaritan, he intervenes in a mugging and gets bonked on the head. Treated in hospital, Jean is later dropped off at Mathilde’s place at a time when he should have been with Charlotte. A pair of nosy detectives, Tréguier and Pontarlier, get involved due to his unthinking act of heroism, which makes him a minor celebrity, as Jean desperately struggles to hold his scheme together Add to this twisted mix the upstairs neighbours from each of the Martinresidences, a wry, unemployed loafer, namedGilbert, a scandal-hungry cub reporter and the highly effeminate Claude. The situation gets so bad that when Jean finally wants to come clean and reveal his illicit secret, no one believes him!

Reviews & compliments

Je vous connais par le Theatre Français de Melbourne dont je suis un fervent et régulier spectateur. La dernière pièce jouée à Collingwood était d’ailleurs d’un niveau professionnel. Un vrai bonheur.

Francois Roussel 16/07/2008

Just wanted to thank you for the production of Stationnement Alterné which I saw on Friday – I think it was the best MFT show I have seen, impeccably acted and directed. In fact I happened to be sitting behind Stig and told him as much, without knowing he was the director.

Andrew Fisher 14/05/2008

Congratulations on another great performance and a superb play. My students thoroughly enjoyed it, so did my husband and daughter who came along on the spur of the moment. I saw the play twice and thought everyone played their parts very well. It was excellent. I hope now that next time it will be easier to persuade more students to go.

Frances Hastie, Lilydale High School 12/05/2008

Félicitations à tous pour ‘Stationnement alterné’, c’était d’une excellente qualité à tous les niveaux, j’ai vraiment passe une excellent soirée et énormément ri. Encore bravo. C’était ma première soirée avec le Melbourne French Theatre et j’attends avec impatience les suivantes.

Pascal Inard 11/05/2008

I really enjoyed your play the other night. I brought a group of 22 French students from Castlemaine Secondary College to see it on Wed night. We had a great time. It was a wonderful experience for us to see live theatre – and French theatre at that! What a fast moving and feisty play! I’d like to thank you and your group for the work you went to into providing such entertainment. (and at an affordable price for the students)

Jane McDonald, Castlemaine Secondary College 11/05/2008

Show poster

Dear Michael, Frank and I really enjoyed the play last night. We were very impressed with your performance and believe you should be headed for “bigger things”.

Joseph Barravecchio 09/05/2008

Juste un petit mot pour vous dire que j’ai bien aime la pièce mardi soir. C’était très marrant et très bien fait. Surtout, c’était amusant de vous voir dans la pièce – félicitations! Je pense que c’était bien reçu par l’audience aussi.

Angela Khor 08/05/2008

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