MFT, Director Christopher Hosking and Producer Michael Bula are pleased to announce the new cast:

Faustine Werts – Georges Dandin
Anna Vranes – Angélique
Michel Bula – Monsieur de Sotenville
Aurélie Casrouge – Madame de Sotenville
Karim Bouriah-Lopez – Clitandre
Ludivine Siret – Claudine
Robin Brugerolle – Lubin
Eddy K Fatha – Colin

– a great cast with a female lead playing George Dandin, very much in the MOLIERE tradition – not to be missed in our pop up théâtre de chambre at La Maison de Maitre building, also in the manner MOLIERE played with his troupe in the French Provinces – putting on shows in all sorts of venues …

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