Don’t tax me too much, Darling!

May 6, 2014

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A Southern Hemisphere first of the new play from famous playwright and cineaste Francis Veber.

Don’t tax me too much, Darling!

[Cher Trésor]

by Francis Veber
Entirely in French with English surtitles
Director Judith Turnbull
Producer Michael Bula

This play from Francis Veber [La Cage aux Folles, The Dinner Game, The Closet, The Valet, The Fugitives…] Cher Trésor, was first performed in Paris in the Théâtre des Nouveautés in January 2013, starring Gérard Jugnot and directed by Francis Veber himself! MFT secured the premier rights from the playwright, an Honorary member of the MFT.

The production

The hapless unemployed François Pignon has found THE solution to his financial problems whilst house sitting the apartment of the fabulously rich and mysterious Jonville – a tax audit! Maybe weird; but why would the tax office [Inspector Toulouse] audit someone who is down and out? Perception is everything and when news breaks of the audit, all of his friends [Maurin], ex-wife Marie and the beautiful Christine, Jonville’s apartment decorator and the Russian beauty Olga take a new interest…

Brilliantly written and weaving in and out of hilarity, this new production is sure to appeal to school students right through to retirees as well as the general theatre going audiences looking for an evening of true French entertainment

from the Master… Francis Veber

The cast

Pignon – Nathanael Francisco
Maurin – Fabrice Chatain
Christine – Noémie Clain
Marie – Marie Besse
Toulouse – Mathieu Martinot Dubary
Olga – Pauline Mornet
Jonville – Florian Costé

Reviews & compliments

A friendly, intimate atmosphere and a well-performed play. I certainly did not guess the outcome!

Jean 09/05/2014

Congratulations on the show! I loved it and laughed so much. As someone who doesn’t speak French I have to admit I was worried (even with the assurance of subtitles) but it was wonderfully staged and I feel like I was able to take it all in. I was particularly impressed with the woman playing Olga, she was so authentic last night. There was some funny use of the props too (like Marilyn’s dress ha ha).

The whole audience was very responsive and the three other people I went with loved it just as much as me. My friend brought a young couple from Belgium along and they said it was fantastic that it reminded them how much fun going to the theatre can be – they were also really impressed at seeing a play done in French.

Amy 08/05/2014

Thanks for the great performance It was humorous and amusing~! Pignon was such a loser haha, Christine & Olga were really beautiful, and I could see Jonville’s charisma. Oh, I saw your hilarious photo peeking behind the Marilyn Monroe display ha ha..

Rianny 07/05/2014

Excellent play last night, thanks so much. It was a shame not more people were there for your first night – Melbourne weather like you said hasn’t been great. Anyway to hopefully help did a Facebook post this morning again to our 1425 followers there about your show saying how enjoyable it was so maybe you might get a few more people to come along this week from that.

Sharon 07/05/2014

Show poster

A big congratulation to Melbourne French Theatre and all the cast! I was absolutely delighted to attend the play. The actors were fabulous and extremely professional. … Thank you for bringing some French culture in Melbourne. It is great for francophones and francophiles to have this opportunity.

Emilie 14/05/2014

Just to say how much I enjoyed “Cher Trésor” on Saturday afternoon, and how well I thought the surtitres were done. I was particularly impressed at the good recovery when the actors seemed to leave out a line or two!

Jonathan 11/05/2014

The play was FANTASTIC We really enjoy it! I am really happy to have to chance to see it. Was marvellous the whole team is really doing an amazing job. Thank you for perduring (*that’s probably not English) the French culture!

Nans Choukette 13/05/2014

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Radio SBS podcast

Listen to the Radio SBS Podcast about the play ‘Cher Trésor’.

Interview with: Judith Turnbull, Michael Bula and Nathanaël Francisco.

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