Caught in the Net

May 5, 2009

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Adapted by Stewart Vaughan and Jean-Christophe Barc

Caught in the Net

[Chat et Souris]

By Ray Cooney

Director Stig Wemyss

Producer Michael Bula

The production

In Run for your Wife, taxi driver Jean Martin managed to keep two wives on the go – one in Montreuil and the other in Ivry, two-timing each of them while working double shifts in shiftiness. But 16 years down the line things are a tad more difficult. His wives may appear oblivious to his bigamy but his 15-year-old daughter by one and 16-year-old son by the other have met over the internet and are intrigued by how similar their dads are.

Reviews & compliments

The students, my colleague, from Lilydale HS and I thoroughly enjoyed the play last Friday. The actors were all superb. It was great fun. I was so pleased that so many of our students wanted to go as I donʹt suppose many of them experience live theatre very often and certainly not in French. From their comments after the play it was clear that they all enjoyed it very much. Please congratulate the cast and the production team as well as the front of house and thank them for doing their bit to boost the teaching and learning of French.

Frances Hastie, Lilydale High School 12/05/2009

I really enjoyed ʹCaught In the Netʹ. It was very funny. I watched the play when the schools gathered on the 8th May. I want to see it again but obviously your shows are finished!

Chris Chiu 09/05/2009

I came to see the play on Thursday night. Great show once again! Well done to everyone!

Lucia Vuong 09/05/2009

I absolutely loved the play, as did everyone I was with. It was hilarious‐ havenʹt laughed at anything so much in ages. Great performances by everyone. Well done (again) on a fantastic show.

Felicity Cook 09/05/2009

Sorry I couldnʹt stay and see you after the show last night. I enjoyed it very much. Terrific energy and some good performances. Stage rather bigger than I imagined ‐ which will be good for Elle tʹattend.

Matthew O’Sullivan 08/05/2009

Je suis allé hier soir avec ma sœur et jʹai beaucoup rigole. La pièce et la performance des acteurs étaient fantastiques!!! Je voudrais y aller encore une fois. Est ce quʹil y a des tickets disponibles pour ce soir et demain? Pourriez vous aussi parvenir un message a Michel Bula avec jʹai joué dans les précieuses ridicule… ce fut un temps quand j’étais acteur… quʹil était superbe dans sa performance comme Papy!!

Jean-Pierre Roussel 08/05/2009

Thanks for a wonderful evening ‐ it has reignited my interest in theatre.

Frank Rebechi 06/05/2009

Show poster

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the latest production. Some friends and I were in the audience on Wednesday evening and thoroughly enjoyed every minute ‐ you now have some new fans of the MFTC, and I’m sure they will become regular attendees. Congratulations to everyone involved with the production.

Elizabeth M Board, Camberwell Grammar School 08/05/2009

Félicitations pour la pièce, on a bien ri!

Mélanie Henry 08/05/2009

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