Melbourne French Theatre is thrilled to announce the cast for its highly anticipated 2024 production of “A Surprise for La Surprise de l’Amour – Lovestruck.” Presented classically in the eras of the 1720s. The play, a charming and witty exploration of love and mores still relevant today, with live music.

Leading the cast is Veronique Duché as La Comtesse, a wealthy widow who has sworn off men. Lucie Sors will serve as the understudy and alternate for La Comtesse. Julien Raspail takes on the role of Lélio, a man who has similarly sworn off women, while Michel Bula plays his mysterious friend, Le Baron.

Paola Villanueva will portray Colombine, the confidante of the countess. Karim Bouriah-Lopez returns as Arlequin, Lélio’s valet, and Nora Charif Chefchaouni will play Jacqueline, a female servant in Lélio’s household. Richard Ryan is cast as Pierre, the countess’ gardener and Arnaud Ramdoo will bring versatility to the production in the roles of Pierrot, Musicien and Muse.

The production alternates to the classic after the ultramodern Flagrant Délire by Martinez in 2023. It promises to be a rare glimpse at Marivaux’s view of the regency and Louis XV with all its ‘marivaudages’ performed in the original French text with English surtitles – a treat for theatre lovers and lovers of French. Immerse yourself in 18th century France, as only Melbourne French Theatre can offer. This play has it all elegance, humour, reflexion, surprise and mystery and above all … love.

Tickets are expected to sell quickly, so be sure to secure yours soon for what is sure to be an unforgettable performance.