Baby on the pot

August 29, 2006

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Baby on the pot

[On purge bebe]

by Georges Feydeau

Director Michael Bula

Producer Michael Bula

The production

A hilarious farce which is not totally harmless. Baby’s dad’s problem is to sell chamberpots to provide the soldiers with the comfort they deserve! But the very day M. Follavoine meets Mr.Chouilloux, an important public servant from the Ministry of Defence, coming to make the deal of a lifetime, Baby Toto refuses to go to the toilet! So his mother Julie has got to give him a purgative, but Toto objects. A mad, mad story, involving along-suffering maid Rose, a strained marriage, a love triangle, Follavoine throwing a chamberpot through the room to test its solidity, his wife trying to get his client to have a little purgative too (soToto will understand he must take some)… Not only is the deal not made, when the famous article is shown to be fragile like glass and Chouilloux learns that his wife Clémence is cheating on him with her cousin Horace Truchet, but Toto has still not been purged …

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