Absent friends

August 23, 2011

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Absent friends

[Mariages et Conséquences]

Director Matthew O’Sullivan
Producer Michael Bula

The production

Clément’s friends are determined tocomfort him in his grief over the death ofhis fiancée – a girl they have never met.They arrange a tea-party for him and areunderstandably on edge wondering what tosay to him as they await his arrival. Theirunease, however, has deeper roots as theyare all kept together by a mixture ofbusiness and cross-marital emotional tiesand by the time Clément arrives, theirtension contrasts dramatically with hischeerfully relaxed air. The stage is set for amodern light comedy of manners thatquickly turns into a dark comedy of very bad manners.

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I recently attended a performance of Mariages et Conséquences, and was inspired to get involved with MFT in some way. I am currently studying a Double Masters of Translation Studies (Monash University/Université Jean Moulin, Lyon III) and am very interested in putting my translation skills (from French to English) to good use. I have been studying French for 10 years now and have spent about two years total working and studying in France since 2007. If you have any volunteer/work experience openings please let me know as I would love to contribute something to this wonderful theatre company. Merci d’avance, Anna

Anna Pitt 26/08/2011

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