Reviews and Compliments

Love is better in the afternoon C’est encore mieux l’après-midi based on Two into One September/septembre 2018

Thank you for your fantastic production yesterday (Love is better in the afternoon). It was so enjoyable!

Giles Michaux 15/09/2018

That was a great show Michael: clever direction, slick blocking and wonderful timing. Please pass on my congratulations to all concerned.

Phil Holmes 15/09/2018

Bonjour Monsieur Bula, Je souhaitais vous remercier pour vos invitations à la représentation d’hier soir. J’ai grandement apprécié la pièce de théâtre et je serai ravie de retourner au Melbourne French Theater pour de prochaines représentations. Merci encore, Cordialement,  

Amandine LEPINAY, Intern/Stagiaire, Consulat-Général Honoraire de France à Melbourne 14/09/2018

Le Père Noël est une ordure [Santa Claus is a #&@!!] May/mai 2018

Hi Michael
I meant to write earlier to say how much we enjoyed Le Pere Noel est une ordure. It was so funny! The actors were brilliant – as was the whole production.
Big congratulations to you and Melbourne French Theatre.
Look forward to seeing the next play! best regards, Felicity

Felicity Cook 22/05/2018

Le Petit Nicolas performance incursion 2017

Bonjour Michel,

Je voulais vous tous dire merci encore pour aujourd’hui. Ce que vous avez dit aux enfants était très bien et exactement ce qu’ils ont besoin d’entendre quand il s’agit d’apprendre une autre langue. J’ai déjà eu beaucoup de bon feedback des élèves et des professeurs. Merci beaucoup encore, et j’espère qu’on peut vous accueillir à l’école encore bientôt. Nick

Nicholas Hughes Kororoit Creek Primary School visit 21/09/2017

Le Système Ribadier September/septembre 2017

I wanted to congratulate you and the rest of the cast for a wonderful performance.

I had a great time watching the play. My husband who doesn’t speak French always love to come too and enjoyed along the years the truly amazing work you have done with the subtitles to make sure everyone can have a great time. Cosmétiques de France will be delighted to support Le theatre Francais de Melbourne again for the 2018 plays. Please feel free to touch base again closer to the plays.

Emilie Robertson (nee Mouline) Brand Manager, Bioderma, Uriage and Nuxe – Cosmétiques de France 02/10/2017

Bonjour Michel,

Je tenais à vous remercier pour la pièce vendredi dernier. Les élèves ont énormément apprécié.

Mes salutations distinguées,

Cedric Chamontin, Glen Eira College 22/09/2017

I am delighted that I was able to attend the last night of your play. What a totally charming, hilarious and beautifully executed production. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and appreciated the skills of all actors as this style of acting is a lot more complicated than it may appear. Your theatre and everyone involved in the productions have created a unique gem in Melbourne’s cultural life. Long may you continue.

Anne Stapleton 18/09/2017

I just wanted to say that we really enjoyed ‘Every Trick in the Book’ on Saturday afternoon. I don’t speak French, but this didn’t stop me from appreciating the lively performances in the play (especially those coming from Michael!). The refreshments on arrival were a nice addition. I have shared the play with the various Facebook pages I manage for MWT (not to be confused with MFT!), and wish you good houses for it. Thank you again.

Clare Mendes, Melbourne Writers’ Theatre 11/09/2017

Cher Michel,

I just wanted to let you know how much my friend and I enjoyed last night’s performance.  You were fantastic, hence, I wonder why you didn’t become a barrister as I’m sure your acting skills would come in very handy when defending a client in court! Well done all of you. Cheers for now.

Erika Kimpton, former Swiss Honorary Consul 10/09/2017

Hi Michael,

Congratulations for a lovely and funny performance tonight. Lots of energy in the room! My mother had a great time and was impressed with the quality of the acting.

Thank you for your kind words as well and the special seat on the sofa.

We left quickly so I did not get to say this in person, but I posted on my Facebook page. 😉 Well done and best wishes for the following nights.

Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie Honorary Consul General of France 07/09/2017

La Comtesse Bis May/mai 2017

Je vous félicite de nouveau pour la qualité du Molière joué la semaine dernière par le théâtre Français.

Nicolas Beaunoir 13/5/2017

Le show était superbe et toutes mes excuses d’avoir pu rester après. Pere et fille ont beaucoup de talent et quel plaisir à voir et écouter cette belle piece de theatre. Julia et mes amis ont beaucoup aimé. A votre prochaine piece avec Feydeau. Bravo encore.

Dominique 8/5/2017

Je ne voulais pas vous laisser après ces représentations de La Comtesse bis, sans vous remercier encore et vous féliciter votre belle énergie !

Bravo pour votre générosité sur scène. Jennifer s’est révélée une superbe comtesse, péremptoire, mordante et drôlissime. Julie avait des moues très expressives et une élocution remarquable. Le reste de la troupe était tout aussi chouette avec des personnalités qui s’équilibraient. Je suivrai avec plaisir la suite de vos aventures, tant que je resterai à Melbourne.

A bientôt donc,

Valentine Sabouraud 7/5/2017

Many thanks for … the play yesterday. It was great fun, and both my grand-daughter and I enjoyed it very much. One great bonus was to see father and daughter on stage together; I was very impressed with her acting, and you must be very proud! All good wishes,

Emeritus Professor Colin Nettelbeck, School of Languages and Linguistics, The University of Melbourne 7/5/2017

Le Petit Nicolas performance incursion 2017

Today as a part of our French program, the Melbourne French Theatre came to our school and performed a play for the year 7’s who are participating in the French program. They did 10 scenes from the movie called Le petit Nicolas. They performed well and pursued their characters well. They were very talented and could do the play in French and English for us, which was very helpful comparing French to English. Overall we thought the performance was very good and professional. We thank the school  for organizing the Melbourne French Theatre company to come and show us a great performance.

Amy Saunders, Chailyn Dean & Seb Francis 7G 28/04/2017

Trois versions de la vie / Life x 3 August/September août/septembre 2016

Thank you for the the production last Saturday. We loved it. It was really good and thought provoking.

Debbie 5/9/2016

I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much we (my family and I) all enjoyed Life x 3 on Friday night. It was very funny – and serious at the same time. Fantastic performances by all the cast. We loved it! Thank you.

Felicity 4/9/2016

It was a great choice for the company’s 100th play – an achievement of which you can be rightly proud – and Carol and I both enjoyed it very much. The acting and direction were dynamic and engaging and brought the quirky insightful (very Réza) text very much to life.

Emeritus Professor Colin Nettlebeck 3/9/2016

Lunes de Miel / based on Private Lives May/mai 2016

I was awarded the Colin Duckworth encouragement award last May by the Melbourne French theatre, and wanted to thank Michael Bula for his contributions to Melbourne’s cultural life. Michael has been instrumental in creating a space where the French community could access high quality plays, often daring sometimes classic, but always impeccably chosen. I believe however that his contribution, through the 40 years running Melbourne French Theatre go beyond community and theatre patronage. Many young professionals have benefited through the MFT of a unique training in live performance, being as assistant stage manager, over-titler, make-up artist, costume designer…. Furthermore, by staging plays, written and performed in French to an English speaking audience, Michael has been facilitating cross-cultural and literary dialogue for people of all ages and walks of life. Lastly I believe that Michael should also be credited for having created a space where people can meet, rejoice, learn and share their love for a well written drama or comedy. I am extremely grateful to Michael for having had me, on two occasions, as part of the team, through an intellectual, emotional and human journey that has proved extremely rewarding.

Julie David 3/6/2016

Congratulations on another successful production – we really enjoyed Lunes de Miel last night.

Marguerite Milh was magnificient as Amanda.

Although we have not been able to attend many of your recent plays, we look forward to the 100th production!

John 6/5/2016

Encore une fois bravo pour une très belle production la semaine dernière .. et pour l’obtention d’une subvention de la Commission des Affaires Multiculturelles !

Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie, Honorary Consul General of France in Melbourne 9/5/2016

Le Roi se meurt / Exit the King by Ionesco September/septembre 2015

What an excellent production. My grandson and his friend thoroughly enjoyed it too . Their first venture into Theatre Of the Absurd I like your little theatre, reminds me of The Stork Pub theatre, now alas pulled down.

Best wishes

Mary 13/92015

Bonsoir Michel, juste pour te dire toutes nos félicitations pour cette merveilleuse pièce de théâtre hier soir, on s’est vraiment régalés et merci de nous avoir donné cette belle place sur le canapé c’était très gentil mais on s’est vraiment régalés et je vous félicite, c’est vraiment très très très bien, donc bravo! Bonne chance et à la prochaine fois.

Dominique 10/9/2015

BRAVO, je crois que c’était la meilleure pièce que j’ai vue au Mft jusqu’à présent ! Amitiés

Nathalie 11/9/2015

What a wonderfully innovative, hilarious production of this great play and with all of the pathos of the human condition. I just love the play and it has lost none of its relevance since it was written. The entire cast was superb and created their singular characters with clarity and nuance. Rather like planets circling a sun – separate but part of the whole. The Guard gave one of the most physically engaging performances that I’ve seen on stage. All credit to the director, the creative lighting and marvellous choice of music. Also to the young man operating the surtitres. Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful, intimate theatre space and for the great pleasure I still have in my head from seeing this production. My friend Kerri was thrilled that she attended and also loved the evening. Congratulations !

Anne 9/9/2015

‘Le Roi se meurt’ était formidable! On a beaucoup apprécié la pièce et la direction de Marco Romero Rodriguez, et les comédiens étaient super aussi. Alors, félicitations! Je hâte de voir la prochaine pièce de MFT! C’était aussi un plaisir de vous voir aussi et je suis en admiration pour tous que vous faites pour la communauté francophile et théâtrale à Melbourne.

Lara 7/9/2015

Is three really crowd? / Le plus heureux des trois by Eugène Labiche May/mai 2015

I very much enjoyed Is Three Really a Crowd.  I confess that I had to read as well as listen as my French is efinitely not up to it but I am a rapid reader so that worked.  This style of theatre is a big change for me and it really is charming and so entertaining.  I imagine it is actually deceptively difficult to pull off but the cast were excellent, direction obviously creative and finely tuned and sets delightful.  I particularly liked the work of Henry Mera.  Altogether a totally enjoyable night at the theatre and I was SO impressed to hear of all the people involved behind the scenes to bring your works to the public.

J’ai vraiment apprécié Le plus heureux des trois. Je dois avouer que j’ai du lire alors que j’écoutais car mon français n’est décidemment pas au top mais je lis rapidement donc tout s’est bien passé. Ce genre de théâtre est un grand changement pour moi et c’est si charmant et divertissant. J’imagine que ca doit être incroyablement difficile de tout organiser mais les acteurs étaient incroyables, la mise en scène tout à fait innovante et bien orchestrée et le décor était ravissant. J’ai particulièrement aimé la prestation d’Henry Méra. En bref, j’ai passé une soirée théâtrale ravissante et étais véritablement impressionnée de voir toutes ces personnes travaillant derrière les rideaux pour partager ces pièces avec le public.

Anne 14/05/2015

The play was FANTASTIC We really enjoy it! I am really happy to have to chance to see it. It was marvellous the whole team is really doing an amazing job.

Nans 13/05/2014

I liked the play and thought the acting gets better with each production. My other friend Jo enjoyed her first visit to the French theatre.

J’ai aimé la pièce et trouvé que la performance des acteurs ne fait que s’améliorer de pièce en pièce. Mon amie Jo a adoré sa première rencontre avec le théâtre français !

Irene 13/05/2015

George Dandin / le Mari Confondu by Molière September/septembre 2014

Thanks very much for inviting us to the Molière, Michael. As always with him, the text was pointedly relevant, and we enjoyed the panache of the performance. All good wishes for the final performance.

Colin 12/09/2014

Don’t tax me too much, darling! / Cher Trésor by Frances Veber May/mai 2014

A big congratulation to Melbourne French Theatre and all the cast! I was absolutely delighted to attend the play. The actors were fabulous and extremely professional. … Thank you for bringing some French culture in Melbourne. It is great for francophones and francophiles to have this opportunity.

Emilie 14/05/2014

Just to say how much I enjoyed “Cher Trésor” on Saturday afternoon, and how well I thought the surtitres were done. I was particularly impressed at the good recovery when the actors seemed to leave out a line or two!

Jonathan 11/05/2014

The play was FANTASTIC We really enjoy it! I am really happy to have to chance to see it. Was marvellous the whole team is really doing an amazing job. Thank you for perduring (*that’s probably not English) the French culture!

Nans Choukette 13/05/2014

A friendly, intimate atmosphere and a well-performed play. I certainly did not guess the outcome!

Jean 09/05/2014

Congratulations on the show! I loved it and laughed so much. As someone who doesn’t speak French I have to admit I was worried (even with the assurance of subtitles) but it was wonderfully staged and I feel like I was able to take it all in. I was particularly impressed with the woman playing Olga, he was so authentic last night. There was some funny use of the props too (like Marilyn’s dress ha ha). The whole audience was very responsive and the three other people I went with loved it just as much as me. My friend brought a young couple from Belgium along and they said it was fantastic that it reminded them how much fun going to the theatre can be – they were also really impressed at seeing a play done in French.

Amy 08/05/2014

Thanks for the great performance It was humorous and amusing~! Pignon was such a loser haha, Christine & Olga were really beautiful, and I could see Jonville’s charisma. Oh, I saw your hilarious photo peeking behind the Marilyn Monroe display ha ha..

Rianny 07/05/2014

Excellent play last night, thanks so much. It was a shame not more people were there for your first night – Melbourne weather like you said hasn’t been great. Anyway to hopefully help did a Facebook post this morning again to our 1425 followers there about your show saying how enjoyable it was so maybe you might get a few more people to come along this week from that.

Sharon 07/05/2014

Funny Money / Espèces Menacées by Ray Cooney 2013

Merci pour les photos et surtout la talentueuse prestation de toute la troupe. J’ai passé un très agréable moment en votre compagnie après une longue et épuisante journée très francophile à Melbourne. Cela fait vraiment chaud au cœur de se retrouver avec vous tous dans cet ilot francophone et culturel. Il ne faut pas t’inquiéter, j’ai bien noté le besoin de financement, je n’ai, à ce jour, plus rien sur 2013, dans le cas d’un reliquat de budget avant la fin de l’année budgétaire (début décembre), je ne manquerai pas de penser au Théâtre de Melbourne. Dans tous les cas, c’est prévu pour 2014 et sauf catastrophe budgétaire nous devrions être en mesure de répéter la subvention de cette année, certes modeste, mais nous ne pouvons faire plus. Egalement en prévision du G20 et de la visite présidentielle de l’année prochaine, le SCAC va labelliser et communiquer autour de 20 événements culturels cela s’appellera « F20 France creative », nous choisirons 20 événements culturels et je te propose que nous mettions les spectacles du TFM pour la saison 2014. Cela permettra de mettre en avant l’excellent travail que tu fais depuis quelques années. Cordialement-

Eric Soulier, Conseiller de coopération et d’action culturelle / Head of Culture, Education, Science and Technology, Ambassade de France en Australie / Embassy of France in Australia

Encore une pièce couronnée de succès, Bravo!

Chantal Babin 09/09/2013

My partner, Adeline thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as always, the plays are always well performed and of a high standard, especially having two Italian born actors is very impressive.

Hayden Fisk 08/09/2013

By the way, ma stagiaire était super contente et m’a dit que la pièce était vraiment bien et qu’il n’y avait pas que des acteurs amateurs… Elle a montré ta photo en me disant, celui-là c’est un professionnel!

Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie, Consule Générale Honoraire de France 04/09/2013

I am happy, as you know, to keep on bringing the students. Without you all, we are much diminished, and it really brings the language to life for them. Personally, I love those Moliere comedies – are there any more in the pipeline? Once again, many thanks.

Peter O’Rourke, Sacred Heart School Kyneton 24/07/2015

Double the Risk in Love / La Double Inconstance by Marivaux 2013

Félicitation pour votre pièce de théâtre auquel j’ai assisté jeudi dernière. Malheureusement je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de me présenter et vous féliciter en personne après la pièce.

Régine Chantler, Vice-Présidente, UFE Victoria Australia 13/05/2015

L’Ambassadeur m’a fait part de son plaisir à être venu à Melbourne pour la double inconstance de Marivaux jouée avec talent et dynamisme par la troupe du Théâtre français de Melbourne. Je dois dire que si, cette fois, j’avais laissé ma place à l’Ambassadeur (façon de parler), il n’en sera pas de même pour les prochaines représentations du TFM et je m’en réjouis par avance. Toutes mes félicitations Michael, vous racontez, grâce au théâtre, mais pas seulement, et surtout avec beaucoup de talent votre amour de la France. C’est inestimable à l’heure de l’uniformisation de la culture et de sa marchandisation, poursuivons cette belle aventure “victorienne”…

Eric Soulier, Conseiller de coopération et d’action culturelle / Head of Culture, Education, Science and Technology, Ambassade de France en Australie / Embassy of France in Australia

Je n’aurais jamais pense voir une pièce de théâtre en français a Melbourne avant de vous connaitre. Grace a vous j’ai pu découvrir Marivaux sur des planches et qui plus est interprète d’une manière magistrale. J’ai été très impressionné de la manière quasi professionnelle dont vous menez votre troupe de théâtre et de votre qualité d’acteur. Et soyez assuré monsieur, qu’en disant cela, je ne vous fais point de compliment, mais des témoignages d’estime. Un grand merci a vous et votre famille pour votre accueil chaleureux dans cette très belle ville qu’est Melbourne. Je vous souhaite autant de succès pour vos dernières représentations que pour celle de la soirée de gala.

Jean-Philippe Dubreuil 13/05/2013

We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the MFT production of La Double Inconstance. Although we did rely on the surtitles to follow the dialogue, we still felt very much a part of the action, thanks to the skill of the actors in drawing us into the emotion of each moment. What wonderful characters. It was also a joy to listen to the French language. When we only have the opportunity to be in France once a year, it’s an absolute pleasure to be immersed once again in the music of the language. It was the highlight of our week.

Sally-Anne and Brent Hayes 12/05/2013

Nous avons été éblouis par votre maîtrise de cet art si difficile qu’est le théâtre. Le genre de Marivaux n’est pas le plus facile. La mise en scène et l’apport de la touche musicale méritent une mention particulière, mais la qualité de la prestation des acteurs et leur présence en scène méritent toutes nos louanges. Ton interprétation est des plus justes, ta diction remarquable. Ces moments seront pour nous inoubliables, tu es le meilleur ambassadeur de France que nous ayons jamais eu. Merci a vous quatre pour votre chaleureux et amical accueil.

Jacqueline and Jacques Pourciel 11/05/2013

Don Juan on trial / La Nuit de Valognes by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt 2012

Thank you very much for inviting us, the Honorary Consulate team, to the gala evening of the MFTC last Friday. We thoroughly enjoyed the play, and had a very pleasant evening. You deserve to be supported and commanded for the devotion you have put in the French Theatre over the last 35 years, it requires a special person to be the soul and the energy behind a French speaking Theatre in Melbourne! We look forward to the next production and will keep trying to help you as much as possible.

Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie, Honorary Consul-General of France in Melbourne 18/09/2012

Félicitations pour une autre excellente production. Les comédiens semblaient a l’aise sur scène et le texte de la pièce est sublime. J’ai lu plusieurs livres de E E Schmidt mais c’était la première fois que j’avais le plaisir de voir son œuvre mis en scène. Bravo aussi à ta fille Heidi pour son talent au piano. Je fus content de te revoir, tu ne changes pas. Toujours aussi généreux et sympathique. J’ai dû partir aussitôt âpres la pièce pour voir Monsieur Lazhar avec des amis au cinéma. La prochaine fois faudra prendre le temps de boire un café ensemble. Au fait Monsieur Lazhar est un excellent film (pas juste parce qu’il est d’origine québécoise). Tu devrais aller le voir. Maintenant que je suis plus près de Melbourne je me promets d’assister a plus de pièces de MFT. A la prochaine mon cher ami et encore Bravo pour cette pièce.

Jean Papillon 11/09/2012

Don’t Dress for Dinner / Pyjama pour Six by Marc Camoletti 2012

Tonight my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed pyjamas pour six. Keep up the excellent work of the Melbourne French Theatre. Please pass on to Catherine Jackson-Grose that we loved her performance (our children Genevieve & Andrea were at Camberwell Primary School, same class as Richard – she will remember)

Anne Cherny 09/05/2012

Beaucoup de mes élèves sont devenus des habitués du théâtre Ils aiment ce que vous faites, alors bravo a vous! J’ai hâte de voir cette nouvelle pièce, a bientôt

Nathalie Foos, French Jounrey 27/04/2012

Absent Friends / Mariages et Conséquences by Sir Alan Ayckbourn 2011

I recently attended a performance of Mariages et Conséquences, and was inspired to get involved with MFT in some way. I am currently studying a Double Masters of Translation Studies (Monash University/Université Jean Moulin, Lyon III) and am very interested in putting my translation skills (from French to English) to good use. I have been studying French for 10 years now and have spent about two years total working and studying in France since 2007. If you have any volunteer/work experience openings please let me know as I would love to contribute something to this wonderful theatre company. Merci d’avance, Anna

Anna Pitt 26/08/2011

Some short lines from Courteline / Des Courtes Lignes de Courteline by Michael Bula 2011 + 2010

I thorougly enjoyed myself at both “Earnest” and “Courteline”. I’m very impressed with the professionalism of the MFT and I’m sure your passion and commitment drives it all. As I asked you on Sunday, when exactly do you find time to practise law? I emailed Dana last night to arrange a time for Wendy, Narella and I to meet her next week, but no reply so far. Will keep you posted.

Janet Keefe 18/05/2010 (répété à Earnest)

The Flying Doctor / Le Médecin Volant and The Jealous Husband / La Jalousie du Barbouillé by Molière 2011

Thanks for a fantastic theatre production. It was the best production that I have seen in Melbourne. The students enjoyed it also they had the opportunity to talk to the students from the French school. Hope you have the chance to do it again for the students.

Fiona Russell, Avila College 09/05/2011

I didn’t have the opportunity to tell you after the show but I really enjoyed it. There was some fine work (and play) and I think Moliere would have approved. You were in very fine form particularly in your well judged after show presentation which was in turn hilarious and reflective. Best wishes with everything.

Bruce Cochrane

Congratulations on the latest review in today’s The Age. I saw the show on Tuesday evening & thought it was excellent.

Andrew Green 06/05/2011

Ta performance était SUPER hier soir ainsi qu’Eddy, tu devrais être acteur pro! Peut-être quand tu prends ta retraite un jour! A bientôt

Jean-Pierre Roussel 04/05/2011 

The Importance of being Earnest / L’Importance d’être Constant by Oscar Wilde 2010

I thorougly enjoyed myself at both “Earnest” and “Courteline”. I’m very impressed with the professionalism of the MFT and I’m sure your passion and commitment drives it all. As I asked you on Sunday, when exactly do you find time to practise law? I emailed Dana last night to arrange a time for Wendy, Narella and I to meet her next week, but no reply so far. Will keep you posted.

Janet Keefe 18/05/2010

Congratulations on another fabulous production. The actors were wonderful, particularly young Cecily – what a performance! We loved everything about the play. Well done. I look forward to the next production.

Felicity Cook 11/05/2010

Thank you for inviting Jean-Paul and I to the above play. We really enjoyed it.

She is waiting for you / Elle t’attend by Florian Zeller 2009

J’ai bien reçu le DVD, et je vous remercie mille fois pour cette attention. Je l’ai regardé avec beaucoup d’attention, et j’ai trouvé le spectacle, pour autant que l’on peut en juger à travers une captation, très réussi. Simple et émouvant. A très bientôt, j’espère,

Florian Zeller 21/05/2010

The play was superb. Felicitations!

Camille E. Dezarnaulds 01/09/2009

Congratulations for putting on yet another wonderful show. We thoroughly enjoyed Elle t’attend and so did everyone else that I spoke to on the night. What great performances the actors put in (including yourself). Well done all of you.

Felicity Cook 01/09/2009

Bravo pour la pièce, c’était super ! Merci de nous avoir invités.

Patricia Carroll, Honorary Consul General of France in Melbourne 31/08/2009

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the current Melbourne French Theatre Production of ‘Elle t’attend’, in which Henry Méra plays the role of ‘Le père’. I’m pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and I congratulate Henry and MFT on the quality of the production. I would encourage you to see the show and to suggest it to your students as an invaluable opportunity for them to discover a contemporary French play and to experience a couple of hours of immersion in French in the very capable hands of the MFT players.

Andrew McGregor, Lecturer in French Studies, University of Melbourne [addressing his colleagues] 26/08/2009

Caught in the Net / Chat et Souris by Ray Cooney 2009

The students, my colleague, from Lilydale HS and I thoroughly enjoyed the play last Friday. The actors were all superb. It was great fun. I was so pleased that so many of our students wanted to go as I donʹt suppose many of them experience live theatre very often and certainly not in French. From their comments after the play it was clear that they all enjoyed it very much. Please congratulate the cast and the production team as well as the front of house and thank them for doing their bit to boost the teaching and learning of French.

Frances Hastie, Lilydale High School 12/05/2009

I really enjoyed ʹCaught In the Netʹ. It was very funny. I watched the play when the schools gathered on the 8th May. I want to see it again but obviously your shows are finished!

Chris Chiu 09/05/2009

I came to see the play on Thursday night. Great show once again! Well done to everyone!

Lucia Vuong 09/05/2009

I absolutely loved the play, as did everyone I was with. It was hilarious‐ havenʹt laughed at anything so much in ages. Great performances by everyone. Well done (again) on a fantastic show.

Felicity Cook 09/05/2009

Sorry I couldnʹt stay and see you after the show last night. I enjoyed it very much. Terrific energy and some good performances. Stage rather bigger than I imagined ‐ which will be good for Elle tʹattend.

Matthew O’Sullivan 08/05/2009

Je suis allé hier soir avec ma sœur et jʹai beaucoup rigole. La pièce et la performance des acteurs étaient fantastiques!!! Je voudrais y aller encore une fois. Est ce quʹil y a des tickets disponibles pour ce soir et demain? Pourriez vous aussi parvenir un message a Michel Bula avec jʹai joué dans les précieuses ridicule… ce fut un temps quand j’étais acteur… quʹil était superbe dans sa performance comme Papy!!

Jean-Pierre Roussel 08/05/2009

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the latest production. Some friends and I were in the audience on Wednesday evening and thoroughly enjoyed every minute ‐ you now have some new fans of the MFTC, and I’m sure they will become regular attendees. Congratulations to everyone involved with the production.

Elizabeth M Board, Camberwell Grammar School 08/05/2009

Félicitations pour la pièce, on a bien ri!

Mélanie Henry 08/05/2009

Thanks for a wonderful evening ‐ it has reignited my interest in theatre.

Frank Rebechi 06/05/2009

Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos 2008

We didn’t get much time to talk on Friday so I thought I’ll write you a quick note to say how impressed I was with the play. The adaptation, the decor, the lighting, the music, the costumes and of course the acting (Frederique is brilliant) were all outstanding. I also loved the live violin during the interval. It seems to me that MFT gets better every time and that you’re always trying to raise the standard at every level which is fantastic. Thank you on behalf of the French community. You and the team should be very proud.

Vanessa Peltier 01/09/2008

Run For Your Wife / Stationnement Alterné by Ray Cooney 2008

Je vous connais par le Theatre Français de Melbourne dont je suis un fervent et régulier spectateur. La dernière pièce jouée à Collingwood était d’ailleurs d’un niveau professionnel. Un vrai bonheur.

Francois Roussel 16/07/2008

Just wanted to thank you for the production of Stationnement Alterné which I saw on Friday – I think it was the best MFT show I have seen, impeccably acted and directed. In fact I happened to be sitting behind Stig and told him as much, without knowing he was the director.

Andrew Fisher 14/05/2008

Congratulations on another great performance and a superb play. My students thoroughly enjoyed it, so did my husband and daughter who came along on the spur of the moment. I saw the play twice and thought everyone played their parts very well. It was excellent. I hope now that next time it will be easier to persuade more students to go.

Frances Hastie, Lilydale High School 12/05/2008

Félicitations à tous pour ‘Stationnement alterné’, c’était d’une excellente qualité à tous les niveaux, j’ai vraiment passe une excellent soirée et énormément ri. Encore bravo. C’était ma première soirée avec le Melbourne French Theatre et j’attends avec impatience les suivantes.

Pascal Inard 11/05/2008

I really enjoyed your play the other night. I brought a group of 22 French students from Castlemaine Secondary College to see it on Wed night. We had a great time. It was a wonderful experience for us to see live theatre – and French theatre at that! What a fast moving and feisty play! I’d like to thank you and your group for the work you went to into providing such entertainment. (and at an affordable price for the students)

Jane McDonald, Castlemaine Secondary College 11/05/2008

Dear Michael, Frank and I really enjoyed the play last night. We were very impressed with your performance and believe you should be headed for “bigger things”.

Joseph Barravecchio 09/05/2008

Juste un petit mot pour vous dire que j’ai bien aime la pièce mardi soir. C’était très marrant et très bien fait. Surtout, c’était amusant de vous voir dans la pièce – félicitations! Je pense que c’était bien reçu par l’audience aussi.

Angela Khor 08/05/2008

Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 2007

I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for your performance at last Sunday’s school fair. While I understood only a few words (and that’s a very few), the performance seemed very animated and entertaining. The fair was a huge success and I’m sure it was the biggest crowd we have had ever at our fairs. I hope it generated a lot of interest for your theatre group and hopefully some ticket sales for your upcoming play. It was good to see your actors hanging around afterwards – hopefully a sign that they enjoyed the afternoon also. Thanks again.

Christine Shearer CPS 02/03/2008

I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the play. The acting was excellent and the poetry of the book was beautifully rendered. So thank you again for your efforts and we look forward to seeing your next performances next year. What is on the agenda for 2008? I have already thanked the actors but please pass on our congratulations to them again.

Nicky Smith, PLC 05/12/2007

I am writing to Me Bula to congratulate him for the wonderful, wonderful “Petit Prince” the MFT has put on stage: we loved every minute of it! It was a tremendous success, and I felt awful having been let down but all three of our guests !!! To you all, best wishes for the next season.

Isabelle Robertson, former Consul General of France in Melbourne 04/12/2007

My husband and I along with a group of friends went to see Le Petit Prince last night (28/11) and I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for a beautiful show. I especially appreciate how the show transmitted the feeling of the book so tenderly, simply and accurately – especially the little prince himself. I left with a very warm feeling and I cannot imagine another show/production superseding yours. Merci beaucoup!

Sandra Hernandez 30/11/2007

Thank you so much to you and the actors who came all the way to Warrnambool to give their captivating performance of “Le Petit Prince”. Not only were they lovely, friendly people but they were very effective actors who did a terrific job, especially given the poor acoustics of the hall. They managed to engage the students, even though it was the end of the day and some of them were Year 8 sports-minded boys, not continuing French next year, who were feeling disappointed they were missing the running of the Melbourne Cup. I really hope that you consider bringing another French performance to country schools next year. It was a wonderful opportunity. And next time, hopefully, we will be able to use our better hall at the other campus.

Tracy Edge, Emmanuel College 09/11/2007

We were thrilled with the performance at school today. The boys loved it and it has had very positive reviews from them. The actors were great, and I look forward to hearing what you may have on offer next year.

Adrienne Beer, Melbourne Grammar 07/11/2007

The students of French and Drama at Camberwell Girls were treated to a slice of French theatre, when the actors of the Melbourne French Theatre Company visited our school to perform Le Petit Prince. With only four cast members, Antoine de Saint- Exupéry’s tale of the strange little man from planet B-612, was brought to life in a mixture of French and English. Concerning the story of a pilot who crashes his plane in the Sahara, the tale begins with the little prince demanding that the pilot ‘dessine-moi un mouton’. As they become friends, the little prince recounts his tale of the planets he has visited on his way to Earth, populated by strange characters such as the conceited man, the king without a kingdom and the geographer who has never seen his planet Both the little prince and the pilot are disillusioned by the adult world and share a similar belief in the importance of imagination and creativity which are ignored by the peculiar ‘grandes personnes’. As he retells his journey, the prince realises the necessity of returning to his planet and the rose he has tamed, leaving us with a lesson on the importance of seeing with the heart as well as the eyes. The performance was especially resonant for the Year 12 French students who have been studying the text throughout the year. We would like to thank the Melbourne French Theatre Company for their wonderful performance and Madame Salton for organising the event.

Article, Camberwell Girls Grammar 05/09/2007

I was so touched by the performance today. Thank you. Lovely comments from some of the teachers who attended, too. And I’ve just received a gorgeous email from one of my year 12 students who is analysing Le Petit Prince as one of her texts for this final sequence of work in Year 12 French. She said she loves the text all the more as a result of having seen the play today. The Grade 5 and 6 students did some preparatory work using sheets from the Teachers Pack you sent, and their teacher said that they responded really well to the material. Thank you for that, too. I’ve just emailed the students who were taking photos for the newsletter and the magazine, and will forward you copies as soon as I get them.

Bronwyn Salton, Camberwell Girls Grammar 05/09/2007

Congratulations again on a most sensitive, engaging and professional production. We enjoyed it enormously. It was amusing, moving and profound à la fois. Hopefully the play will appear at Eildon Mansion later in the year and I will have the pleasure of seeing it again. I wish the cast a successful and enjoyable tour of Victoria.

Anne Stapleton 28/06/2007

Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is a unique and lovely little book that is beloved by readers and secondary school French teachers all over the world. With its simple language and fable-like structure it tells a whimsical and bitter-sweet story of childhood, love and responsibility towards others. Melbourne French Theatre Inc. has created a new touring stage production of the book which captures its naïve charm through a clear adaptation, attractive staging and good performances. Despite its deceptively simple language, any VCE French student can tell you that Le Petit Prince is quite a wordy little book and its episodic structure can be hard to trudge through. Director and writer Karen Berger’s adaptation avoids the many lengthy monologues and explanatory passages, telling the story instead through dialogue and the most essential character driven scenes. The Little Prince’s outward and internal journeys are made clearer as a result, and the audience is rewarded with more comedy and pathos than productions which try to squeeze in more of the original text.

One of the challenges of Le Petit Prince, as a story and as a character, lies in being able to capture its childlike whimsy without slipping into icky sentimentality. This production achieves it through simplicity and a sense of comic lightness which makes the Little Prince’s end all the more touching. Tirese Ballard’s design is attractive and looks to be practical for touring. It retains the flavour of the book’s original cartoonish illustrations but adds a level of pretty theatricality. I particularly liked the pert floral head piece worn by Fleur Dean for the Rose. The night I saw the show there was a bit of fumbling with back drop changes but no doubt that will be fine with more practice. The device of a small Prince-figure flying around the backdrop’s planets to represent his journey was workable but a bit repetitive and flat. The other puppetry moment, with a long hand-puppet snake, also needs work in the lip-synching and manipulation departments. The proscenium arch stage in the very cold North Fitzroy St Brigid’s hall was disconcertingly distant at first, but the few moments where characters jumped off the stage and addressed the audience directly worked well and will probably tickle high school audiences too. In any case, being further back made it easier to take in the English surtitles which were projected onto a screen to the right of the stage. About two thirds of the play was in French, but the monolingual eight year olds who saw the show with me had no trouble keeping up with the translations while still taking in all the action. The play’s success is mostly due to the uniformly excellent performances, though. David Adamson, Fleur Dean and Christophe Le Tellier are all funny and assured in their various multiple roles and Sarah Blard’s Little Prince is touchingly direct and innocent. It’s hard to know how teenage audiences will respond to any show, let alone one that has the strong feel of a fairy tale, but I think the comedy and sincerity of these performances will win them over. They may even find themselves chuckling at the Drunkard’s logic, as was my daughter – “Yes, grown-ups really are very strange!”

Jennifer Anderson, Arts Hub 27/06/2007

Nous avons beaucoup apprécié la pièce et nous vous disons, en choeur et de tout coeur, FELICITATIONS!

Jennifer Lyon, Clonard Catholic College 27/06/2007

I was at the performance on Monday and thoroughly enjoyed the play. I look forward to your visit to Ballarat (Damascus college)

Maureen Myers, Damascus College 27/06/2007

Avec tout mon respect et admiration non seulement pour le travail que tu fais mais pour la passion et la foi qui t’animent a continuer a développer cet outil artistique qui devient peu à peu une œuvre d’art en soi même coute que coute….j’ai la vision que tu vas t’entourer prochainement de gens influents et affluents qui te seconderont financièrement dans tes objectifs culturels et te suivront dans ton pèlerinage culturel pour faire hommage a la France au bout du monde.

Catherine Jackson-Grose 18/05/2007

Just a note to tell you how much we all enjoyed the performance. Please pass on our congratulations to all the actors and bravo for the “mise en scène” too and the venue too. The sound, the translation of the dialogue, everything was perfect! We look forward to the next performance and hope we can organise a time for “Le Petit Prince”.