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Booking fee per group booking is $20
Other Concessions : Concessions : pensioners, seniors, unemployed, UFE, FACCI, AFAS, AFTV, Alliance Française, MEAA, Groupe Romand [Swiss], l’Ecole Française de Melbourne, French Journey, Cassis, Melbourne Accueil and French Australian Lawyers Society.

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  2. Duration : approximately 90 minutes without interval – arrive 30 minutes early for cocktail
  3. Invoices upon request in the Message section on the form below.

PERFORMANCES – 6 only – will sell out !

1 week 13 to 16 May 2020 inclusive

Evenings [4]: Weds 13 May to Sat 16 May 2020 inclusive at 8 pm

Matinees [2]: Fri 15 May and Sat 16 May 2020 all at 2.30 pm

the sequel to this delicious political comedy


The merry galaxy of characters from “Panique au Ministry” is back in service. And this time, it is in the race to the Élysée that she takes us! Indeed, Cécile Bouquigny has grown since the last instalment: she is currently Minister of Youth and Sports! On a whim (and three months from the end of her duties), she decides to run for president! By waltzing an already precarious balance, it will, once again, sow panic in the ministry…

Thanks to an accelerated training “sponsored” by a Qatari emir, the crazy man-eater of the first opus became in two years Mayor, then Minister of Youth and Sports. By deciding, on a whim, to run for president, she will further threaten the already precarious balance of her family, and this time sow panic until … The Elysée.

Things have changed since the Panique au Ministere. Louis has retired from his position as Minister of Education and married Sara, the young daughter of his former Chief of Staff, Gabrielle. He is also an expectant father as Sara is heavily pregnant with his child. Cecile has taken up a position with the Government now as Minster of Youth and Sport with her daughter Gabrielle and Eric (the former gardener now married to Gabrielle) as her Chief of Staff.

Cecile in an unexpected display of ambition declares herself a candidate for the presidency of France and that Louis is her lover! This puts the entire team in a tail spin as they try to work out if the candidacy is just a stunt and how will they hide the truth about Louis and Sara! Eric has a secret that could cost him both his job and marriage.  How will all this play out? Will Cecile win the Presidency? Will Louis/Sara & Gabrielle/Eric’s marriages survive? Join us in this hilarious sequel to Panique au Ministere!


Library at the Dock

Second floor Performance Space

107 Victoria Harbour Promenade


The theatre is on the top floor of the building with views overlooking the stunning Victoria Harbour.

Melways 2E F6


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