MFT comes to your school OR Your school comes to MFT

Performance in French of rehearsed, costumed and moved reading of MFT’s theatrical version created in 2007 to much acclaim which toured to more than 50 schools all over Victoria for students of French OR Drama

Flexible – in any reasonably accessible venue for students (hall, theatre, sports stadium) OR at our venue
IN FRENCH with English surtitles – Suitable for primary (if comprehension level for French or English in the surtitles – is sufficient) and all secondary levels with English surtitles


MFT actors present the scenes and then perform them. Afterwards an interactive Q + A or minor workshop lead by the actors can take place time permitting.


It takes the form of a workshop/competition and uses a cross-curricular approach (Drama & French) to engage students in a collaborative learning experience. It is also designed to be an inexpensive and flexible incursion that can be adapted to the time available and abilities of different classes. The workshops are led by experienced French-speaking animateur [including actors] in subgroups of 15 or less and allows students of French to reflect on their language use through an expressive performance in French.

In groups lead by an animateur, the students are seed coached, with a teacher pre-selected cast where a cast list for each subgroup is sent to MFT before the day – for the 11 character roles. Then the ‘cast’ for that group is directed in the rehearsed reading of the text. After the groups reunite and all casts from each group perform the piece before all the other students. A panel adjudicates the best performances [based on language, projection, acting and overall interpretation] and give a small MFT souvenir to the best students in each of the 11 roles.

Maximum number of workshops at any one school in 1 day is 2.


Season availability: from 2018!

– with notice TERMS 1, 2, 3 and 4 and beyond

Duration 70 minutes*

* approximate time only plus change of scene times


A pilot (the narrator) crashes his plane in the middle of the desert a thousand miles from anywhere.

Thinking he’s all alone and with limited water supplies, he starts to attempt to fix his plane. But a young boy suddenly appears one morning as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He demands that the pilot draw him a sheep.

Slowing, through the following days, the pilot, hearing the little prince’s story, rediscovers some truths about the truly important things in life.

The little prince comes from another planet, a very small planet. He leaves due to troubles getting on with his rose and decides to travel to learn about life.

During his journey he visits six planets and meets their inhabitants: a king without subject, a conceited man without admirer, a businessman/woman who owns the stars, a tippler who drinks to forget that he drinks, a lamplighter who light his lamp and puts it out every minute, a geographer who has never travelled.

Each of those encounters astonishes the little prince and causes him to reflect on the strangeness of grown-ups.

The little prince eventually lands on earth where he meets a snake who speaks in riddles and tames a fox who rewards him with a secret.

After days confiding to the pilot, the little prince is ready to return home, to return to his rose with a sheep in a box and a new found comprehension of his life.

The pilot also returns to his former life with memories of a new friend, a new understanding of life and a view of the night sky full of laughing stars.

What we provide

  • Resumes [free on your first enquiry]
  • Teachers’ pack [full kit and technical plan] upon paid booking
  • transport of our team to your school [if incursion]
  • the costumes and accessories
  • 4 Actors from MFT
  • 1-2 members MFT Production + Surtitles Crew

What we ask the School to organise [incursion]:

  • Venue for show + dressing/preparation area
  • Student attendance/management
  • Payment in advance
  • If an overnight stay is required (regional schools), we do ask for the school to provide meals and accommodation for our team
  • A large white or similar backdrop on stage
  • Minimal lighting and lapel microphones if needed and surtitles equipment
  • Some refreshment (light meal / drinks) for the team [incursion only]
  • Some school furniture
  • laptop, projector + screen for English surtitles and pictures


Incursion pricing per student:

  • $11 (metropolitan schools)
  • $16 (country schools)
  • Teachers / school staff: free

Excursion pricing:

  • $13
  • Teachers / school staff: free

School Booking fee : $20


enquire with AFTV if your school is a member for a subsidy click here

Student numbers

Minimum student numbers per session/booking/performance :

1. in your school : 100 (no maximum) or

2. in our venue : 50 maximum [or payment for 50 students 50 x $13 = $650, even if less]





Base starting cost is $10 per student in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area AND $15 per student outside that Area and/or for additional animateurs [more fees] depending on numbers and school needs – MFT will have to quote as required and upon request.

  • School Booking fees [separate to the above charges and per workshop/session] are $20
  • Extra full show performances on the same day in addition to one, for each = $200
  • Invoices issue
  • AFTV – enquire with AFTV if your school is a member for a subsidy click here
  • The Victorian Multicultural Commission offers funding for schools under Multicultural Festivals and Events or for Cultural Diversity Week events
  • Teachers and school staff free
  • the school agrees to provide light refreshments [food and drink]


Our Pricing Policy and other terms and conditions apply as follows and other may be advised –

  1. By making a booking – payment is required in full and your school agrees to abide by our terms and conditions and pricing policy [for school tours and in general] which is on our website at Pricing Policy, except as may be varied in the invoice
  2. Direct deposit or credit card payments only are accepted. Cheques are no longer accepted.
  3. There is a $20 booking fee
  4. No booking is confirmed until receipt of cleared funds in payment
  5. Schools which pay first receive priority for confirmed bookings
  6. The school acknowledges that all MFT personnel when attending on school premises are covered by the usual guests and visitors insurances
  7. The school agrees to provide sandwiches and refreshments to MFT personnel including bottles of water and tea and coffee]
  8. Should the school cancel, MFT is entitled to retain or receive a 50% cancellation fee calculated on the total value of the invoice.
  9. Subject to acceptance by MFT, if the School changes the date/time a change of date/time fee of $100 is payable. If MFT cannot comply with the change of date then the request is treated as a cancellation in accordance with the preceding clause. A minor change incurs a $20 per change.

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